Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthdays without Pressure!!

My girlfriend, Karri, told me about this website. It's a good reference for not letting your kids birthday party get out of control! The website is Here's just a snipet:

If you think children’s birthday parties are getting out of control, you’ve come to the right place. We want to raise awareness of this problem and offer alternatives for parents and kids who want birthdays without pressure. We are a small group of parents and professionals in St. Paul, Minnesota with a vision to launch a local and national conversation about:

What is out of control about birthday parties?
Why they have gotten out of control?
What are the consequences for kids and parents?
What can parents do about it?

We also have questions you can ask your child to find out what he or she really likes, and does not like, about birthday parties. Come and browse our website, share your stories take the quizzes, and spread the word that birthday parties can be fun and enjoyed without pressure.

Also, enjoy the cute pic of my little Owen when he turned 1!! Love the party hat! It barely fit his head! :-0


  1. Reminds me of most holidays (especially Christmas). Our kids b-parties get smaller every time. We just had a small family party for our youngest and it was wonderful.

    BTW, since your blog is about meal planning I thought you may also want to try out

  2. My daughter just gave us a great idea for her birthday in a few months: she's being begging us for months to have a food fight, which we haven't given into! So, she would like to have one at her 8th b-day party! We decided that would be a lot of fun and have started making plans. We're going to make plastic aprons, have it in our backyard and, since it's summer, we'll be able to hose the kids down! Now we just need to come up with some food you can throw that won't hurt & won't stain! Mashed potatoes is already on the list...any other suggestions?

  3. You can throw whip-cream "pies". Just fill the tin pie plates with whip cream. You could also get white t-shirts from AC moore for each of the kids who comes over to wear as smocks.


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