Sunday, May 17, 2009

Herb Garden Kit for Mom or Dad

Found this cute gift idea on National Geographic Kids website. Would make a cute gift! I think a lot of American's are creating their own gardens. This would make a great start!

Herb Garden Kit

Give a "green" gift to a friend or family member. These cool kits are great for every occasion!

Small herb plants such as thyme, basil, and rosemary
Sandwich bag full of small stones
Potting soil
Trowel or large spoon
Homemade labels for herbs (we made them by gluing craft foam onto wooden skewers)
Gardening gloves
Large flower pot to display all the items


Cover the bottom of the flowerpot with stones for drainage.
Fill the pot partway with soil.
Carefully remove plants from their containers and position them in the larger pot, leaving some space between each plant.
Water until the soil is damp, then place the flowerpot in a sunny spot.
Water the herbs when the soil dries out—about once a week. Then watch your garden grow.

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  1. I would love an herb garden if I didn't have the brownest thumb in America. Thanks for stopping by my blogs.


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