Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love being a Mommy!

My daughter, Phoebe (who is going to be 4 in June), is always trying to be such a little helper! Especially when it comes to her little brother, Owen (2). She loves to help me with the laundry, prepare meals, clean up after meals and make her bed. It's a great thing to encourage this in your house, this teaches responsibility. When she was in daycare the teachers had days when each child was a "helper bear", Phoebe couldn't wait until it was her turn. When we are in the car we always play games like "I spy", she loves this game! She already knows her colors, shapes (like the stop sign is shaped like an octogon and it has 8 sides and is red) and numbers, playing I spy I try to encourage this as well. We talk about the days of the week as well. Also, when we are in the supermarket we talk about what we are going to buy before we go, she helps remind me of what we need.

Phoebe has always been a social butterfly as well. When I take her to the park, she loves to play with other kids. She will approach the child she wants to play with and say, "hi, I'm Phoebe, would you like to play?" This is so cute to me!

Owen is growing by leaps and bounds! He was a preemie, he was born 6 weeks early. Weighed in at almost 4 pounds. At his birth it was discovered that he had a knot in his umbillical cord so he was not always getting proper nutrition, which was not allowing him to develop. Ever since he has been out of the womb he has been catching up! He is now 2, he went for his2 year old wellness visit and the doctor feels that he has slowly been growing into his body. They think he will be tall, over 6 foot! I have heard this about a lot of preemies, they tend to be taller in their adult life.

He loves to dance! Anytime he hears music his little but just starts wiggling!

I love being a Mommy!! :-)

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