Monday, May 11, 2009

Plan a family game night with your family

I've recently seen commercials promoting family game nights. The commercial depicts parents getting excited during the day stating that night is their family's game night. I love this idea because I believe togetherness is so crucial for families. As your kids get older and make plans to leave the nest headed for college this can provide such a bonding experience. Start a tradition with your family, head to Target or WalMart and pick up some fun games, or make up your own! The more fun you and your family make of it the better the time will be! Do you have a game night?


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my site! I LOVE comments. Is that true for you as well? Your site is really wonderful, I like it. I'll be following and passing this on!

  2. Thanks so much Buggys!! I will tell my friends as well about your site! This is fun!


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