Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teaching Your Kids and/or Toddler Sign Language

When my daughter Phoebe was a baby I invested in a great DVD - "Baby Signing Time!" This is a great tool to use for your baby, the DVD was created for babies age 3-36 months. Visit their website at After viewing the DVD a few times we would go over the signs they taught for instance, eat, drink, cat, dog, horse, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, and potty just to name a few.

"Baby Signing Time" and signing:

Will allow baby to commuicate long before they can speak.
Reduces tantrums and frustration, and increases bonding between parent and child.
Exposes baby to a real second language - American Sign Language (ASL).
Increases baby's vocabulary and may even increase IQ.

I am now using the DVD on my son Owen, who is 2 (unfortunately, I wish I had started earlier with him, but he is really picking it up now!) I can see how frustrated he gets when he can't tell us what he wants, he just points and tries to say what he wants. This has created a couple of TIME BOMB temper tantrums, this along with the fact that my son is a redhead is no help either :-).

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