Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Vacation???

With the state of the economy I have to pose this question...are you are your family taking a summer vacation this year?

With the situation my family is in we are going to stay put not to mention gas prices on the rise and flying is totally out of the question!

There are so many inexpensive summer programs my kids and I can participate in like next week Phoebe will attend Vacation Bible School. Also, both Phoebe and Owen are participating in a reading program every week at the library.

Have a safe and happy summer!


  1. I tagged you over on my blog! Go check it out!

  2. just wanted to stop by and share some bloggy love. thanks so much for following my blog and leaving a comment. please don't let me scare you when it comes to potty training. it's hardwored but once it's a done deal. my son loves his big boy underwear and even sleeps in them so he picked it up pretty quickly.

    as for a summer vacation, i am currently an unemployed teacher. so until school starts back we will be staying put. i am hoping to be able to travel somewhere by train this fall.

  3. We tried a staycation. I'm not sure if it is a do again. I still had to deal with all of the "mom" stuff and no one wanted to do anything because they were on vacation. But it was nice to do some of the fun stuff by our house.

  4. We're staying put but we're in Hawaii already. I don't think it counts. My favorite place in Georgia was Fenzy park and Bartow. I love "mini" vacations


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