Friday, June 26, 2009

Kroger Website

If you have a Kroger Supermarket in your area there are some great deals you can electronically add to your card for savings the next time you shop. Just go to, select Plus Card, from there you can create your account by adding your Kroger Plus Card number, select your store, view your fuel points (this is a great deal, by the way if you spend a certain amount Kroger will take 10 cents off your gas purchase!!) and select the coupons for the week. They have some geat deals listed. Check it out go to

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  1. I so want the grocery stores that you have! I'm slightly jealous. All I have is a crappy walmart and half the time they don't even want to take coupons. I think most of the stores around here have gotten together and decided they will rebel. It's quite the topic.


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