Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Food Lions popping up everywhere!

I don't know what is happening to the town I live in, anytime you see any new construction it turns out to be a Food Lion! They just opened a gourmet one just near my house. I haven't been in to purchase any gourmet items, but the prices on traditional groceries seem reasonable. On another note, it almost seems like an oxymoron when you are walking down the ailes there are WIC signs on almost all items, then the next aisle is the gourmet food section. I guess they cater to all shoppers! I guess this make me realize how many American's are really suffering financially.

When Phoebe (4), Owen (2) and myself walked in the store there were the cutest little shopping carts just the right size for them! It was like we were on parade walking down each aisle first me, then Phoebe pushing her cart and Own taking up the rear grabbing anything he can and putting it in his cart just like Mommy! My kids are such a trip! Half the time I can't wait for my daughter to start PreK in August where she will be gone from 8:30 to 3! Then I get nostalgic and wish she was just a baby again! Time certainly does fly!!

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