Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Milk From Food Lion

I don't know about you but our family goes through milk like it is going out of style! Especially my 2 year old, Owen!

I am a frequent shopper at Food Lion, they have a special promotion going on from July 22 through October 13, 2009. If you purchase 6 gallons of milk you will receive one free. I buy milk every other day, so this promotion is great! A friend of mine is an even bigger milk drinker...she buys 6 gallons at a time! Believe me she will be using this promotion! You need to have an MVP card for this promotion, which is very easy to obtain. After you have accumulated 6 milk credits you will receive a message at the bottom of your receipt that indicates when you have qualified for your Free Milk Coupon. To receive your Free Milk Coupon present your qualifying cash register receipt to your cashier.


  1. Nice tip! We're just learning about how much milk a kid can consume here - way more than we're used to buying!

  2. Hi, Tomorrow is another post on “What would your children say?” “Wednesday” It’s going to be fun sharing all those wonderful adventures our children do and say. If you don’t have a kid, feel free to post something about your furry four legged family member. I can’t wait. Please tell us all about them. Hope to see you tomorrow. Go to the logo that says “What would your children say?” “Wednesday”, for full details.

  3. I don't have a Food Lion anywhere near me, but I wanted to tell you that the picture you have on your header is absolutely adorable!!

  4. Hi, I am stopping by all my followers blogs to say hi. I am having a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter. You can go to Marianne's House of Shopping "Geveaway"

  5. What a beautiful picture on your header! Love it!
    So cute!!!
    Thanks for following my blog and your comment on my site:)
    I am following your lovely blog now.
    Have a great afternoon!

  6. Hi Jennifer, great tip!
    I'm following you on twitter too now : )


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