Monday, June 27, 2016

Planning your meals for the week

I'm always looking for healthy and delicious solutions for meals for my family.  Preparation can be time consuming.  Planning ahead can make a big difference.  There are so many great recipes out there if you plan your meals and use fresh ingredients it can make a difference in the overall health of you and your family.  Fresh food and knowing what is going into your meal planning is key.

I love the Food Network and was recently watching The Pioneer Woman.  This is a great show about Ree Drummond who is a rancher's wife living on a beautiful ranch in Oklahoma with her hubby and 4 kids.  She is a blogger ( as well and has some great recipes.

Recently, I saw an episode where Ree was preparing recipes for the week by cutting up ingredients and putting them in freezer bags and storing them in the freezer for the week until they are ready to be prepared.  Great idea!

One recipe I tried for my family was stuffed peppers!   MMMM, they were so good and my daughter (the pickiest eater) even ate them up!

What I like about her recipes is they are easy to prepare and there is not a lot added to them.

I feel like these days society has become to accustomed to quickie meals and driving through fast food restaurants.  Seems like there are so many convenience foods out there that in a lot of homes meal preparation has become a thing of the past.  What's wrong with taking the time to plan and prepare everything?  This way you know what you are preparing and what is going into it.

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